March 31, 2023

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A new leaf for GreenWood: A conversation between master craftsmen

From GreenWood:

This core belief has been part of GreenWood’s DNA since our very first chairmaking workshop in Honduras in 1993. Linking appropriate woodworking technology with sustainable forest management in Latin America’s most marginal communities was never going to be as easy as falling off a log.

Now the world has been dealt a pandemic that poses an epic challenge, one which is felt most acutely in the very places where we devote our attention. Almost as soon as we announced our new Artisan EcoTour program back in February, we had to postpone our first workshop in Puerto Rico (slated to run in May).

In response, we’ve rededicated ourselves to the program and to expanding our impact.

We’re forging ahead in exciting ways.

I invite you to tune in to our very first entry, an inspiring conversation and virtual collaboration between master woodworkers and EcoTour instructors René Delgado and Michael Fortune on the topics of furniture design and the creative use of hurricane-salvaged timber.

Best wishes,
Scott Landis
President, GreenWood

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