March 31, 2023

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Corsicana Mattress Launches 9-Model Copper Protech Collection

Mattress manufacturer Corsicana Mattress announced that it has developed nine mattresses and a topper all engineered with copper-infused foam. Designed to withstand the robust use in hotels and college dormitories, these products include copper, which boasts anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and cooling properties for a healthier, more comfortable night’s sleep.

The collection, which offers good-better-best options, is specifically designed for use in hotels, colleges, the military and other commercial environments.

Copper acts as a defense against germs and helps inhibit bacteria growth. The collection comes at a critical time for the hospitality and contract industry as people begin traveling and some college students have returned to campuses. The germ-fighting capabilities add a layer of protection to the mattresses.
Corsicana launched its hospitality and contract division early last year to manage the company’s growing business with hotels, the U.S. military and the rent-to-own segment.

“The hospitality and contract industries are working diligently to find new solutions so guests can relax in a cleaner healthier environment. In today’s COVID-focused world, it is inherent that hotels do their utmost to provide the cleanest guest rooms possible to assure travelers a safer stay, and copper mattresses are a great option for them,” said Rebecca Hewitt, vice president of business development for hospitality sales at Corsicana.

In addition to its germ-fighting abilities, copper has also been shown to help improve circulation and reduce inflammation.

“Proper sleep should always renew a person and improve their entire day. Cutting-edge research on the benefits of copper suggests it provides soothing relief of aches and pains by improving circulation, reducing tissue inflammation, and regulating sore muscles. That creates a soothing sleep away from home. So far this year, we have installed our Copper ProTech LivePUR models in more than 50 college dormitories on campuses across the country.” added Scott Miller vice president of business development for contract and hospitality sales at Corsicana.

About Corsicana Mattress: Founded in 1971 in Corsicana, Texas, Corsicana Mattress now operates 10 factories across the country and has become one of the mattress industry’s largest manufacturers. The company offers a full range of promotional and step-up products that feature the latest in sleep technology, including innerspring, memory foam and hybrid models. The company also has a mattress-in-a-box line that simplifies delivery. Corsicana leverages its national manufacturing presence to provide industry-leading quality, value, delivery and customer service. Its mission is to provide hard-working Americans with innovative and affordable sleep products that improve their quality of life.