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March 29, 2023

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Fairfield Implements UVC Disinfecting Technology to Three of It’s Lounge Chair Series

North Carolina-based furniture manufacturing company, Fairfield, announced the launch of an ultraviolet C (UVC) disinfecting product that can be applied to three of the company’s best-selling lounge chair series:

  • Payton Series
  • Conrad Series
  • Modern Arm Wall Hugger Recliner

UVC is a form of ultraviolet light with germicidal wavelengths, making it a useful tool for disinfecting efficiently and effectively, and is capable of killing 99% of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. Throughout the pandemic, Fairfield, along with its manufacturing partners, has worked to create solutions to assist in the inactivation of pathogens across various living environments.

The electronic UVC system can be applied to the arm of the lounge chairs. The simple press of a button then radiates the ultraviolet light, cleaning high-touch surfaces such as mobile phones, and automatically concludes disinfecting after five minutes. The device also comes equipped with a convenient USB port and wireless charging options for both iPhone and Android devices.

Another offering that Fairfield includes at no extra cost is the Fairshield+ topcoat finish, which helps preserve and protect upholstery from the growth of bacteria. The clear topcoat acts as a shield against potentially harmful microbes while also adding chemical, moisture, mar, and scratch resistance.

“It has been one of our top priorities to respond to the necessity of cleanliness in today’s world,” explains Dixon Mitchell, CEO of Fairfield. “We are constantly learning, adjusting, and innovating to make sure we meet the needs of our industry during these times and beyond.”

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About Fairfield: For nearly a century Fairfield, established in 1921, has combined masterful craftsmanship with fashion-forward designs of fine furnishings for the home, office, and hospitality industries. A family of craftspeople, Fairfield cares about the community, the environment, and the customer, a philosophy that is the fabric of the business and is woven into all facets. Fairfield distributes products to customers across the United States and internationally. Quality control throughout the process, masterful craftsmanship, and precise tailoring results in upholstered furnishings that set the bar for quality and excellence within the industry.