March 31, 2023

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Gabby & Summer Classics to Unveil New Showroom at High Point Market

Gabby and Summer Classics report they will unveil its new 20,000+ square foot High Point Showroom at October’s Market. The expanded space will allow the brands to seamlessly showcase their products from indoors and out—providing a whole-home solution for dealers, designers and hospitality customers all under one roof.

“The new High Point Showroom is a spectacular space!” says William White, President. “This Showroom will allow us to fully represent all of the beautiful indoor and outdoor products we offer in a much larger—and more brand appropriate—environment,” adds White.

Showroom Evolution

The new Showroom, located at 333 North Hamilton Street, is comprised of four individual buildings that have been joined over the years. The joining was a chronological progression, as doorways and portals were cut in between buildings as they were linked.

Gabby and Summer Classics’ Special Projects Manager, Roy Dollar, shares the evolution of the Showroom. “The first building was built in the mid-to-late 1920s as a retail store. It still includes the original pressed tin ceiling, and we have stripped and polished the original concrete floors.”

Dollar goes on to say, “The second building was built in the mid-to-late 1930s and served as a retail location for a pharmacy and a photography store. Our design team exposed the original rafters and wooden decking in the ceiling. This building also includes a courtyard patio that offers a nice retreat for guests. It will provide the opportunity for more outdoor furniture visibility, lush plants and a water feature.”

The third building was built in the 1940s and housed an auto repair business. “This building broke form from the first two by having a high peaked roof and brick walls. We removed a drop ceiling to discover original steel roof joists, pine rafters and wide plank pine decking. The floors have been updated to a beautiful whitewashed oak,” says Roy.

“Building four was a new two-story built in the 1980s as a showroom but, interestingly enough, was built around an original one-story building which can still be seen through small windows. This building is steel construction with exposed steel posts and beams. It includes a grand staircase that ascends with two platforms before arriving at the upper level,” concludes Dollar.

Impactful Design Details

For the first time, our Showroom will feature a large outdoor patio to display Summer Classics products, as well as a small courtyard visible from the front entrance. The main patio will be covered completely with a canopy that incorporates sliding Textilene roof panels allowing sun, shade and wind resistance when necessary.

Inside the Showroom guests will enjoy a plethora of history. From natural brick walls to the exposed original roof trusses, beams, wood decking—especially in the primary building at the entrance—which has a ceiling height of over 15 feet. A wide banded sisal runner leads up the grand staircase, highlighting three chandeliers suspended above the staircase.

“Natural light can make such a difference for a showroom,” says Dollar. “We installed beautiful black-mullioned windows and French doors to add an overall modern yet glam look to the showroom.”

“The High Point Showroom also includes our brand-signature Moorish Arches, three built-in bar areas, a large catering kitchen with commercial refrigeration and cooking equipment.

“Entertaining is a key element that customers can expect when they visit the Showroom. Our team always enjoys entertaining at High Point Market, so now we have a high-end kitchen stocked and ready to serve our guests.

Location, Location, Location

“What a great spot to be in,” says Roy. “The Showroom is convenient to the center of the Market, while giving our customers room to breathe. We provide outside spaces to relax and inside spaces with enough room to move about freely.”

The creative team relied heavily on the architecture of the room to serve as a guide for escorting guests through the space. Within the footprint of the building are three separate, beautifully designed areas for customer convenience. “Clients can come in and have plenty of real estate to move about,” says William. “This is a new era for our company in terms of the way our clients can come to market and shop. We want every detail to perfectly fit their needs and exceed their expectations.”

Looking Ahead

Currently, the team is working on a master plan for the next phases of buildout—with an elevator and additional lighting being the primary focus for the upcoming year. This plan will incorporate a new main entrance and large courtyard surrounding the elevator tower, connecting it to the existing entrance. Further renovations to the building will include new lighting and updated flooring to reflect brand-appropriate white-washed oak floors.

Gabby will offer opportunities for customers to view the new Showroom virtually and in-person this fall. The brand is hosting three live virtual showroom tours, several immersive virtual designer events, 3D tours and much more! For more information visit

About Gabriella White: Gabriella White is a family-owned company and premier innovator, manufacturer and retailer of fine indoor and outdoor furniture since 1978. The family of companies includes Summer Classics, Gabby and Wendy Jane by Gabby. The company has aimed to delight its customers by passionately creating products with the belief that timeless designs can and will be embraced for years. Life’s Best Moments. Furnished.™ For more information, visit,,