March 31, 2023

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How To Make Your Small Space Feel larger

Your apartment or home is small, and you want to give it the feeling of large one?

There is one thing you can do. The main thing you can do is create focal points and take advantage of reflecting. These things will give you bigger look and feel of the small rooms.

Creating a focal point in a small room is key when you do not want people noticing how small the room is. When you have a focus point the room might be more interesting and seem a little bit bigger.

You can do this by painting one wall in the room in a different or darker color giving your room an uncluttered gallery effect using a low-hanging light fixture and assembling artwork on the wall. This has an opening effect on the room.

When you use reflecting to make a room bigger, you will use things in your home that reflect such as mirrors, furniture, metallic pieces, and things that have a shimmer.

When these items are strategically placed throughout the home or the room, they give a feeling of light and more space. A mirror can be placed strategically in a room to reflect the outdoors or even a window or a doorway which makes the room appear much larger than it is.

If you are trying to take the focus from the small size of a room and make it look bigger then you can take advantage of the use of reflections and creating focal points. Mastering these two techniques can make your home look much bigger.