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March 29, 2023

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Kumiko: An exercise with components in SketchUp

Kumiko seems to be the hot thing these days and SketchUp is really handy for designing your own panels and with the use of components, you can easily generate cutlists to tell you how many of each part you need and that sort of thing. Recently I had an e-mail from a reader who asked if it is possible to make a different sized panel from one he’d already made. This video shows the method I outlined for him. It leverages the use of components in a number of ways. These ideas can be used for other sorts of projects, too.

I made use of the Union tool in BoolTools2 which made quick work of combining several components to make a single one. BoolTools2 respects components and it will work in SketchUp Make. It’s relatively inexpensive but it’ll save you a lot of time so I highly recommend it.


Dave Richards demonstrates how he not only uses components to create his models more efficiently, but how they inform his order of operations in the shop as well.

I’ve written a number of times about strategies for working efficiently in SketchUp. One of those strategies is to use components.

In part 1 of three part episode, Mike Pekovich uses specialized paring blocks to create the parts that will fill in the decorative kumiko panel.

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