March 31, 2023

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MLILY USA Launches New Website

With consumers increasingly showing a preference to spend more time researching sleep product purchases online, mattress manufacturer MLILY USA has launched its new website that serves as a more comprehensive platform with an improved store locator, sleep tip section and customer review area. 

The site includes an enriched store locator for MLILY retailers that shows nearby stores. For consumers who do not have a retailer near them, they will be able to purchase directly from the company, although they will pay manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) so as not to directly compete with retail partners in compliance with the brand’s pricing model. Retailers will continue to offer promotions and other incentives to attract consumers that the company will not deploy on its website.    

Designed with MLILY’s signature blue color palette, offers visitors the ability to explore the company’s complete mattress lineup, as well as delve into sleep tips with the MLILY’s sleep expert Dr. Robin Thorpe. A former strength and conditioning specialist with Manchester United whose players slept on MLILY mattresses, Thorpe now is director of performance and innovation with Altis, an athletic training hub consisting of therapists, coaches and trainers of Olympians and high-performing athletes. A blog will feature analysis of MLILY’s products as well as tips for more regenerative sleep.

In addition to being optimized for mobile devices, the website includes a “consumer review” section, which will allow customers to connect with and learn from the experiences of each other. 

“With consumers changing their shopping habits and looking for more meaningful connection and community, our hope in revamping our web presence is to better communicate and reach our audience,” said Stephen Chen, president of MLILY USA. “For years, we’ve heard feedback from our retail partners and users alike who have wanted to better understand our products and brand, and our hope in this site, is to provide more information to our friends.”

About MLILY USA: MLILY USA is the North American mattress and pillow company of Healthcare Co., Ltd. Knoxville, Tennessee-based MLILY USA’s mattresses, pillows and sleep accessories are manufactured in state-of-the-art factories around the world, including China, Thailand, Serbia and Winnsboro, South Carolina, that span more than 6 million square feet. With products sold worldwide, MLILY also holds a unique global strategic partnership with Manchester United, the leading sports brand and popular soccer team located in the United Kingdom. As part of the partnership, MLILY provides the team’s training complex with mattresses and other sleep products. For more information, visit